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Russell Harrison

Russell Harrison, the founder of Russell Herbals Company, began his journey as an herbalist when he played as professional athlete in the NFL. He often dealt with painful injuries while playing football, which required extensive treatment and being consistently medicated. After leaving the league, Russell decided that it was time to re-educate himself on how to properly heal his body the natural way and improve his body and mind from the damaging effects of his professional athletic experience. He started attending herbal schools and traveling to meet experts in the area to deepen his studies. The more he learned, the more he discovered how herbalists had thrived in his family since the 1890s — learning how to have ultimate control over his health in the early days of his herbalist career felt like Russell’s birthright.

As Russell became more knowledgable about herbal medicine and holistic health practices through education, he decided to open his own herbal company in 1976 and committed his life to not only creating a healthier stronger and powerful body for himself but helping others discover how they could improve their internal hygiene in order to live a healthier anymore fulfilled life. Now a master herbalist and Iridologist, Russell has 45 years and counting of holistic health experience and has worked with a diverse range of clientele to help them transform their life vessels for the better. Many of Russell’s patients have found great relief from working with him, sharing how his detoxing programs or herbal supplements have helped them “get back to their old selves”, “helped them get snatched”, and even “cure illnesses” that hospitals and health specialists had told them would need medications or surgeries to heal. Russell does not credit himself completely for their transformations, for he firmly believes that his role as a master herbalist is to help his clients understand the root of their problems via internal hygiene and guides them with the tools and mental encouragement to help them overcome their ailments.

"If you are really and truly interested in walking the path of wholeness you must go through changes in attitude and behavior.”

Russell Harrison

Russell Herbals Company

Russell Herbals Company is now a highly trusted herbal company that is committed to helping more people live a healthier lifestyle by improving their internal hygiene. By purposefully consuming herbal formals to keep your internal system clean, Russell Herbals Company believe that more people will have the capability to leverage earth’s most precious supply to cure “dis-ease”, raise their self-consciousness and live a more full and whole life with a body they treat well and adore. With a variety of herbal supplements available and high quality detox programs, Russell Herbals Company is committed to creating the most effective holistic solutions for anyone seeking or needing an alternative and successful path to health. With over 100 carefully crafted tonics, tinctures, herbal capsules and cleanses, we can ensure that with discipline, guidance and perseverance you will be able to see the power of our earthly herbs manifest positive outcomes for you.