Detox Plans

Phase I Detox

Start the process of restoring your body's natural state of well being.


Your body's primary passage way for entry of nourishment and elimination of waste is the digestive system. It is imperative to cleanse your digestive system for optimal health. The products utilized in this program are carefully crafted to aid the body in the removal of waste from the small and large intestine. Providing restorative properties that assist in proper functioning.

Phase II Detox

Continue the process of strengthening and purifying your body with a detox program that will take you into Phase II.


This program cleanses the body's filtering organs by assisting them in the removal of waste in an efficient manner. You will be able to cleanse waste on a cellular level by restoring these organs. The Kidney, Bladder, Liver and Gallbladder are all naturally cleansed during this program.

Phase III Detox

Sustain and strengthen your path in cleansing and enhancing your overall health. This detox program will take you into PHASE III


This program reinforces as well as cleanses the body's circulatory, respiratory, reproductive and nervous system. The herbal combinations in this program are designed to build on the foundation of PHASE ONE & PHASE TWO. During this program the systems of the body are cleansed and revitalized.

Full Moon Detox

Revitalize, cleanse and nourish a specific concern that is affecting your health and well being in this program.

This program is specifically designed to cleanse and detoxify the entire body. This will assist your body in its natural repair and enhance health and vitality.  This program utilizes all the products in PHASE ONE, TWO & THREE as well as additional supplemental items to enhance health. This program includes weekly counseling and assistance throughout the program to aid in the repair of your specific concern. 



If you want to renew your BEING this is the place to be. My husband and I committed ourselves to Russell 30 day cleanse some years back and it has changed our lives for the better. It is a cleanser for the body by taking the steps and completing the cleanse it also cleanse our minds and our spirits. So thankful to Russell for is healing products as well as the counsel he gives. Ask and receive the herbs to meet your needs.He will take good care of you. You're in Healing Hands!

Mia G. - Torrance, CA

Russel is a genius. I've never felt better ! I did the total body cleanse and i feel like a new person . He explained all of the steps to me and was there to answer all of my questions along the way. His prices are fair and he uses the best quality products.  He is very serious about his work and takes the health of his clients seriously. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the body systems and will work hard to create a specialized formula to suit your individual needs. I  recommend him to all my friends.

Betty W. - Inglewood, CA.