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Since the beginning, Russell Herbals Company has always prided itself on the belief that we as human beings have the ability to do anything that we set our mind to — even creating a healthy, stronger and more powerful body to live their best lives in. Started in 1976 by former NFL player Russell Harrison, Russell Herbals has become a highly sought after herbal medicine practice that has helped thousands of people gain mental clarity, prevent diseases, lose weight and ultimately restore their bodies back to a healthier state. We believe in a holistic way to improve your internal hygiene, which is why we only produce 100% organic and potent herbs to meet your body’s needs.

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How Detoxing Can Help You

Detoxing is often touted as a “get slim quick” scheme but at Russell Herbals it is actually one of the premier cleansing practices that we leverage to truly transform your state of health on a cellular level. We use safe and nurturing herbal ingredients to create high-quality detoxing systems that work with your body’s natural digestive processes to help you efficiently eliminate waste, naturally repair organs and bring your body back to optimal health. If you have been suffering from bowel troubles, belly fat, dehydration, low energy or lack of focus, then detoxing is most likely the path you should explore to begin the journey back to better health today.